The American Heart Association offers both Basic Life Support (BLS) for  Healthcare Provider (HCP) – Blended learning CPR training option for for those who do not wish to sit in a classroom type setting. 

How it works:

Part 1. Students complete the online, cognitive portion of the course, either at the workplace or anywhere with Internet access. When students finish the online portion, a certificate of completion will be available for them to print.

The certificate is required to complete Part 2 at an authorized American Heart Association Training site such as Advantage CPR .

To purchase Part 1, go to 

HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: Choose option “Heart Code BLS for Healthcare Providers Part One” $28.00

Part 2. After completing the online test, you will need to get your skills validation test with one of our American Heart Association instructors. Upon successful completion of both parts, students will be issued an American Heart Association Two Year Course Completion Card.

Advantage CPR normally schedules the skills check with individuals at our Mill Street address and are done in small groups, although this can be performed in other locations at your request for an additional fee.  The Heartcode BLS Skills session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Check our current class schedule to sign up for a skills check session.  BLS Group skills checks are $60.00 per person.

We do offer on-site private skills checks for your group.  Email us at or text us at (775) 830-6691 to schedule a skills check at your convenience.

Taking an AHA Skills Test requires completion of the online AHA course( Courses not created by the AHA will not be accepted for Skills Tests. A Skills Test is not a teaching session. If you do elect to take a Skills Test and are not successful, no refunds will be issued, you will be required to participate in the full AHA course in which you are attempting to be certified, and you will be responsible for the additional payment associated with that course.